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Percival Offer Up Reworked Work Shirt for The PerciLab 01 Release

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Arriving This Month.

London-born outfit Percival have stepped forward with their latest creative endeavour, combining a selection of their own classic garments for an environmentally-friendly reworked collection.

Looking to extend the lives of their garments, Percival’s latest puts a green touch on their newest collections as they look to address the ever-present wastage issue in fashion, with denim material taking the floor in this case. Taking a closer look at some imagery, a selection of differently-shaded blue denim patches, all of which are composed from Levi’s and Wrangler jeans, are put together to form one-of-a-kind versions of Percival’s classic overshirt, which arrives in various different sizes, textures and wash hues.

This unique reworked overshirt from The PerciLab 01 capsule arrives on March 31st.

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