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PAUSE Editorial: itBOYS Ghana 2022

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Accra we dey.

The rich history and culture of Ghana meant the trajectory of its emerging crop of creatives was only ever destined to go one way: up. From every corner of the creative spectrum, there’s a new wave of talent set to not only take over Ghana, but the world as well.

For 2022, PAUSE takes a closer look at the members of this new school of creatives.

Name: King Ketelby James
Age: Not important.
Instagram: @Ketelbyjames_strg
TikTok: @Ketelbyjames_strg

Tell us about you, what do you do day to day?

I’m an artist, musician and creative director. Most of the time, I produce music for other people or myself and when I’m not in the studio, I’m working on several projects. For example, I love to write concepts and direct videos.

Tell us something amazing about Ghana that everyone should know.

I barely know a place, where culture, music, fashion, beautiful people and beautiful vibes come together as it does in Ghana.

What does being from Ghana mean to you?

I’m not Ghanaian, but I have to admit that Ghana is deeply in my heart. I’m originally from Angola, Mozambique, Portugal & India. Those are also very beautiful places.

Describe your style in one word:


Who is the best fashion brand right now that is also championing African culture?

Free The Youth, Daily Paper & Reeyah Swim.

Pick the best 3 restaurants in Ghana:

The Ivorian tilapia place behind Shoprite, Bella Afrik and a small pork restaurant in Osu.

Describe what it’s like to be a young creative in Ghana right now.

There are so many beautiful things happening at the moment. It’s an amazing time to be in Ghana. You get inspired every day by young creatives which gives me a lot of motivation to keep going. The people in Ghana understand my vision and nothing is impossible!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

On Top.

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